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Updated: Mar 14

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Your toilet is an open gateway to the sewer!

Your toilet is at risk of being used as an entry point to your home by snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches and other pests. Many people across the world have had unpleasant experiences when these critters have made their way into the toilet. These incidents are now becoming much more common in the UK due to improvements in sewer maintenance.

Snakes, rats, frogs etc have been known to bite while the toilet is in use and also make their way from the toilet into the rest of the home. Rats can easily swim half a mile or more in open water and can tread water for up to 3 days - flushing your toilet will not rid you of your visitor! Not only are rats adept at swimming, they are pretty good climbers too and can easily walk up a vertical soil pipe from the sewer - what happens when they get up there is up to you...

Designed by experts

Our range of products have been designed by experts in the plumbing and engineering industry, so whether your problem is a frog, snake, cockroach or rat in the toilet, you can feel confident that our product will protect you, your home and most importantly your family from whatever might crawl up the sewers. If you want to make absolutely sure you don't wake up to find a rat in your toilet then fit a MultiFlap vermin prevention device.

Long lasting

The MultiFlap excelled in a performance test of over two million opening and closing cycles and showed no sign of deterioration. The MultiFlap will have a life span of more than of 30 years in the opinion of the Government body which tested the valve

Prevents crossflow and reduces backflow

In addition to vermin control, our devices also prevent crossflow in horizontally opposed connectors and reduce backflow from floods and blockages.

Maintenance free

On installed, no maintenance is necessary, however the MultiFlap can be removed without causing damage, to allow for the removal of blockages or replacement of pipe

Suitable for all homes

The MultiFlap comes in 3 fittings types, MF-1 and MF-2 are fitted inside your toilet - the MF-1 is for toilets where the waste is behind the toilet and the MF-2 for where the waste outlet is in the base of the toilet.

The MF-3 Fits into the drain outlet pipe - you don't even need a plumber! Only one valve is needed for multiple toilets as the MF-3 pushes straight onto drain outlet. Click here for fitting information.


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