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Updated: Jan 26

muktiflap valve

As the title says, not all anti-rodent barriers are made equal, in fact MultiFlap is the only product of it's kind that is tested and certified.

As you have no doubt seen, there are many 'copycat' products on the market but the MultiFlap is the original and still the best. The spring used in the Multiflap was developed and tested by us and is virtually indestructible , we are the only manufacturer that has access to this spring and it is the spring closure that is key to the products success.

Manufactured from non-rusting marine stainless steel, the spring and its hinge pin create just the right amount of tension to make sure that it allows waste to pass through and then shuts to prevent access to sewer dwelling creatures. It sounds simple, but if the spring fails then the whole device is useless, we've tested the Multiflap and know that it has a lifespan of in excess of 30 years.

So, look out for the MultiFlap name on the product to know you have the genuine article!


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