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The Uk’s rat population is now estimated to exceed 150 million – that’s over twice the human population, put another way, for every human in the UK there are at least two rats – let that sink in for a moment…

Covid has been cited as major influencing factor in the increase and more specifically the lockdowns which left uninhabited restaurants, shops and offices as irresistible new territories for these furry critters. This, combined with an increase in food waste are thought to have created a significant surge in numbers. So what does that look like, region to region across the UK?

The Top Ten Cities By Rat Population:

1. London – 19.9m

2. Birmingham – 2.4m

3. Leeds – 1.7m

4. Glasgow – 1.3m

5. Sheffield – 1.2m

6. Manchester – 1.1m

7. Edinburgh – 1.1m

8. Liverpool – 1m

9. Bristol – 950,000

10. Cardiff – 760,000


It's no great surprise that our capital comes up at the top of the list, it has also seen the largest increase, with some areas seeing a whopping 90% uplift on previous years and they aren’t alone; The British Pest Control Association reported a 115% increase in people enquiring about rat prevention than in October last year.

So, what does that mean for you?

There are several ways in which rats can and will enter a property, there are also several reasons and the most common one is thought to be seeking food. So it stands to reason that keeping your property free of discarded food, inside and out will go a long way in helping to keep your premises rat fee. Rats will also oust males from their colonies if numbers get too large, so these guys will be on the move, looking for a new home and ratty friends.

Many rats live in the sewers which provide an ideal network between homes and afford them easy movement below ground. Rats are excellent swimmers and make light work of navigating even the deepest of water – take a look at this video of National Geographic to see just how easily a rat can swim up through the sewers and right into your toilet!


Scary stuff right?! In actual fact it does mean that blocking access to sewer rats in your toilet and is relatively easy with a MultiFlap non-return valve - take a look at our humane rat blockers here.

If you need any further information them do get in touch and we'll talk you through the

benefits of securing your home from rats with a MultiFlap valve.


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