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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Snake in toilet bowl

Do snakes really come up through the toilet? Although less common than rats, snakes can and do gain access to homes via the toilet.

Snakes are attracted to damp dark places. Sewerage pipes and toilets provide just the right conditions. Snakes often go on the hunt for food, so if you have an easy access point and easily available food then your home is at an increased risk of a slithering visitor.

Like rats, snakes can easily enter your local sewerage system and follow the pipes until they get to your toilet, where they will wait until someone lifts the lid. Larger snakes might even be able to lift the lid of a lightweight toilet seat and set about exploring your home!

A variety of snake species have been found in toilets from small garden snakes to huge pythons and anacondas, snakes love small spaces and will happily squeeze into the tiniest of gaps. Thankfully, most snakes found in toilets are relatively harmless.

Snakes will also enter your home from other access points such ventilation pipes, structural gaps and of course open windows and doors. Regular household checks and maintenance will go a long way to stopping unwanted guests, as will ensuring that food scraps are cleared away and food items are inaccessible.

The best way to avoid finding a snake in your toilet is to fit a barrier valve. We believe the MultiFlap is the best on the market, it’s a one-way non-return valve, made from high quality materials and its maintenance free. The MultiFlap valve also offers the added benefit of reducing backflow and eliminating crossflow. For more information, take a look at our product page, or get in touch if you have any questions.

If you are reading this because you haven’t yet fitted a MultiFlap and are searching for solutions for the unwanted snake in your toilet, then please close the lid and call a professional who will make sure that the guest in your bathroom is removed quickly and efficiently without causing it any harm.


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