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The Multiflap valve actually stops ALL unwanted creatures from accessing your home through your toilet; rats, snakes, frogs, spiders, cockroaches , it really is a one stop solution for all.

In order to understand how the MultiFlap works you need to understand how these creatures find their way into your toilet in the first place. The answer is that your toilet is quite literally an open gateway to the sewers - sorry that sounds unpleasant, but it’s true!

The creatures we have mentioned are all quite happy dwelling or passing through sewers, often looking for food and water. The might see a light in the distance that attracts their attention and off they scurry, slide or hop to get a better look. That light is your toilet, especially if you leave the seat up. There is absolutely nothing blocking their way from coming right up and into your toilet and home.

This is where the MultiFlap valve comes in. There are three types, depending on what type of toilet you have or if want to fit it into the drain. They are all one way non-return vales and work on the same principle; as soon as the toilet is flushed the valve opens to allow the water and waste to pass through and then closes immediately afterwards, creating a barrier between the sewers, sewer dwellers and your toilet. It also blocks any light coming from your toilet and as an added benefit the valve also prevents crossflow and reduces backflow from floods and blockages – perfect!

It might sound simple, but MultiFlap has been expertly designed and tested. In a single test of over two million opening and closing actions the MultiFlap valve showed no signs of wear or tear and in the opinion of the government body who tested the valve, it will last in excess of 30years.

The MultiFlap valve is made from only the highest quality materials, including moulded polypropylene, thermo-plastic elastomer and pins and hinges made from non-rust marine stainless steel.

There are many lookalikes on the market but only one true MultiFlap! Every genuine valve has the logo moulded into the flap – don’t be fooled by fakes that are made from inferior materials.


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