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It can be rather alarming, to say the least, to find a rat in your toilet, but that’s not the worst of it - your toilet is acting as an open gateway to your home for these and other unwanted guests who frequent the sewers. It is essential to act fast to correct the problem, or better still prevent it from occurring.

It sounds obvious, but don’t allow any food to settle in your drains as this will attract rodents, but also keep all food items away from your bathrooms - rats have a keen sense of smell. You can help to stop rats from entering your home by keeping the toilet lid closed, but this doesn’t stop them from gaining access to your toilet and giving you a nasty shock when you lift the lid! Some larger rats have even been known to lift up a toilet seat by nudging it with their nose.

It is possible to have guards placed within your drainage pipes, but by far the easiest and most efficient way to keep your toilet and home safe is to make sure all entry points to drains and toilets are sealed by fitting a non-return valve such as MultiFlap. There are two main areas where you can fit a rat busting Multiflap valve; in the drain outlet pipe (MF3) or directly to the toilet outlet (MF1 & NF2)

Once in position The MultiFlap non return valve allows waste to pass through when the toilet is flushed, but then immediately closes its integral flap to stop anything on the other side from entering. This also has the benefit of stopping any backflow. Its completely humane, easy to fit and relatively cheap.

It’s a fact of life that rats live in sewers and drains, they enjoy the dark moist environment and the network of access to all kinds of outlets, whether its your home, business or a school etc. Whilst you can’t remove them from the sewers you can certainly protect your home or business from unwanted visits with a non return valve from MultiFlap.


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