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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

They swim...

Rats are adept swimmers and can happily cover 1000m in open waters and not only that but they can tread water for around three days! They can also squeeze through the tiniest of gaps with their super flexible frame.

But how do they get in your toilet? Well, the rats that tend to pop up in toilets are usually sewer rats, meaning they live in the sewers as part of a large colony. These (and most other rats) are extremely resilient. Natural born scavengers they quite literally make a living out of looking for food. So when the pickings are slim in the sewer its time to find new territory.

Damaged and unmaintained storm drains and sewer pipes offer huge potential for these furry critters to explore further afield while remaining in their core territory. Here's where your toilet and your home become fair game. Light from the toilet often attracts them and they will swim to the source, finding a way into your home.

Rats are creatures of habit so once they have paid you a visit you can be sure they will return...


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