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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Cute little rat

Most of us will agree that a surprise visit from a rat in our toilet is not something we would welcome.

But it's worth remembering that these critters are probably onlylooking for food and have come to investigate after being attracted by the light coming in from your toilet. They are likely just as horrified when coming face to face with you as you are them!

Prevention is better than cure and a good 'rat blocker' will do just that. But as we've said before, not all anti-rodent barriers are made equal. While it is inevitably kinder to block a rat's entry to your toilet than take action after, some rat blockers (usually the metal kind) have some pretty aggressive teeth that could seriously injure or even kill a rat, which is terrible for the rat and terrible for you, as you now have a deceased rat in your sewer pipe.

The MultiFlap non return valve is the only product of its kind that is tested and certified and it is also completely safe to wildlife and ofters a 100% cruetly free solution to unwanted creatures coming up via your toilet. The device fits snugly into place, blocking light that might attract visitors, it is also virtually indestructible, so if a rat did come across it, it's extremely unlikely that they would be able, or want to spend time trying to get through it. It's a win win situation, no surprise toilet guests for you and the wildlife can forage safely elsewhere.

For more information on how to stop getting rats in your toilet and about how the MultiFlap works and how its made click HERE


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