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There are literally billions, (around 7 billion to be more precise) in the world. Places with the highest population tend to be cities within these country’s: USA, UK, France, India, Singapore, Germany, China and South Africa. These rats are made up of around 60 different species!

A mother rat can have up to 15,000 babies a year so it's easy to see how their overall populations falls into billions. These may seem like crazy numbers, especially as most of us go about our day to day lives without ever encountering a rat, but although these little furies like to live near humans to make use of our discarded food and resources, they prefer to keep out of our way whenever possible. When temperatures start to drop however, so too do food and water reserves and this is often when these rodents will become a litter braver and come into homes, offices and other buildings.

Sewers are a great place for rats to live as they contain huge networks of pipes that allow the rats to move around freely. Among this network are the pipes that come straight into our homes and more specifically into the toilet, which is pretty easy access for these seasoned swimmers.

If we think about the millions of rats in the sewers with easy access through our toilet and into our homes, its actually surprising that rats in the toilet aren't much more common than they actually are! But any occurrence of a surprise ratty visit is surely best avoided?!

Whilst you can take immediate measures to protect your home, such as keeping the toilet lid closed and food sources stored away, that might not stop a hungry rat taking his chances on a visit and you might get a nasty shock when you open the lid! Thankfully there is a way to completely stop rats, snakes, cockroaches, frogs and any other creatures from entering your toilet and that is of course the MultiFlap, which also doubles as a non-return valve that prevents crossflow and reduces backflow.

Read more about the MultiFlap here but do drop us a line if you need any more information.

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