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A recent Instagram video from Bobbie Norris kicks off with him saying, "I've had to make a little online purchase. Nothing exciting - not shoes, not trainers, not clothes." He then goes on to explain that he's been 'child-proofing his bathroom' even though he doesn't have any kids!

He continues, "Well, I'll let you know why. Have you heard of the super rats?

"They're coming up through people's toilets. These little demons are bigger than cats.

"Now closing your [toilet] lids, just ain't gonna cut it. These are like rats on [ste]roids, basically."

He's actually not wrong, there have been many reports of 'mutant super rats' in the UK,

Covid has been cited as major influencing factor in the increase and more specifically the lockdowns which left uninhabited restaurants, shops and offices as irresistible new territories for these furry critters. This, combined with an increase in food waste is thought to have created a significant surge in numbers and also their individual size.

There's actually no need to be dramatic, you can simply fit a MultiFlap to your toilet or drain and you will be protected from sewer dweller visitors for as long as it stays in place - its tested to last in excess of 30yrs!

View Bobbie's hilarious reel here

Don't worry, we'd told him all about Multiflap so he can protect those Kylie Minogue sheets ;-)

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